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Thread: T.E.D.D.Y - Draw in 2D - Outputs in 3D

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    watch the video example
    Teddy is a Java-Applet Drawing Program that takes the 2D images you draw and renders them in 3D. The alogrithm adds shading according to the strokes and connections between the lines. This is truly a cool program.

    basic controls
    • Right-button drag is for camera control
    • Left-button drag is for drawing a stroke (modeling operation)
    2 3 4

    [NEW] A new version SmoothTeddy is available. You can model and paint, and much more!

    Teddy is a sketch-based 3D modeling software.
    You can make interesting 3D models just by drawing freeform strokes.
    Teddy requires Java installed in your machine, and mainly designed for Windows.
    (If you want to run Teddy on Mac, please read here .)

    Additional resources
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    Clever prgramme that,might get it for my little boy.

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    I don't get how to use it. Wanted to draw a massive cock
    It's hot in Topeka.


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