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    i have an .axxo file that i converted and burned to the harddrive withe nero 7
    then tried to burn with dvd shrink but got a horrible clicking sound in the audio when played it looks like can here everything fine over the clicking sound. dvd shrink says the audio wave is ac3 which is a codec i have any suggestions are appreiciated

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    Axxo sound is what should be good lol.
    You could convert it to avi, but you will need ac3filter thats for sure. Make sure you scan it with gspot for codecs, install divx also. Probably you can hear it right with kazaa lite codec pack.

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    I have converted axxo just fine with VSO ConvertX to DVD. But I only do that when I have to make a dvd for a friend because I have made sure that all my immediate family and closets friends have dvd players that support divx. conversion takes too long. I'm actually weening myself from burning dvd's since I'm using a media hub nowadays


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