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    Hey guys, I was wonderfing if anyone knows if a.b.dvdrcore has an irc channel, or a webpage perhaps, for requests/feedback/etc. or any other form of contact ? They're the only group to post some releases I missed, and was wondering if they could repost as they do with a lot of releases.

    Thank you.

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    You could try posting a message in a.b.dvdrcore for requesting what your after.

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    Groups a.b.dvd and a.b.dvdr have IRC channels.

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    Yeah, but they don't seem to have what I'm looking for, or are not kind enough to help out. I've already requested it there. As I said,

    hey're the only group to post some releases I missed,
    Yeah I guess I should post a request in the group and hope for the best.

    (And in the meantime I'll be still hoping for someone from bin-req/alt-bin to fill my request)

    Thanks guys.

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    I don't believe dvdcore has a channel... Almost all binary ng channels are located on EFNet


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