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Thread: mounting images is impossible...

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    Ok, so this guy either is horrible at explaining, or I'm missing something. But he wants me to mount ((i think)) a folder with like 600 files in it, or burn it? I thought you could only do that with one file, like one .bin or .cue? Is there another way I could mount these files? I already downloaded the application, but there are many different language packs ((language training program)) you have to individually mount. If it helps, here are his exact instructions

    How to use this torrent
    Before you start with the languages you need to have the
    application installed, On windows this is in a .rar file
    called Application_XXXXXX.rar the XXXXX part is the version
    number and you can just ignore that. Extract all the files
    and run setup.exe or therosettastone.exe. There are two
    Application_XXXXX.rar files for windows, try either one and
    if you have a problem use the other.
    On a Mac just run the Application_VXXXXX.toast file.

    Short way
    Download the languages and images you need(check the list at the
    end of this file) and extract all the files, add them and the
    CATMPC.TRS CDID.TRS and Credits.TRS files to a cd/dvd/iso.
    (mac users need to add the files from the application cd as well,
    this step is optional if you are only using the languages on windows)
    Then install the application software for windows or mac and insert
    the cd/dvd or mount the image and run the program.
    Long way
    The first step to using the rosetta stone software after
    starting the torrent and installing the application
    is to pick which languages you want to download if you do
    not want all of them. Most bittorrent
    clients(the program you run to download the torrent) let
    you choose not to download some files(the languages you do
    not want) or pick which files to download(the languages you
    DO want).
    After you have decided you also need to make sure you
    download the proper image files from the torrent, to find
    out which images you need check the list of languages at the
    end of this file. (you could also just get the PCT and PCA
    image files if you are feeling lucky, most of the languages
    use those two)
    Next you have to open the .Rar archive files for the languages
    and images you need and extract the files inside to a folder(just
    make a new one anywhere and remember where it is, we will be using
    it alot), these will be folders named like XXX##_## where X are
    letters and # are numbers.
    The last files you need are CATMPC.TRS CDID.TRS and Credits.TRS, copy them to
    the same folder and the language and image files/folders.
    MACintosh users also need to copy the files from the application cd(.toast image)
    to the folder.
    The folder with all the files in it should look like the one in
    the "sample_image.jpg" picture. (the picture should be in the same
    folder as this document)
    The last step is to take all the files in the folder and either burn
    them to a CD or DVD you can use when you want to use the languages or
    if you know how, make a CD/DVD image file with a program like MagicISO
    or Nero and mount the file to use the languages. Both of those options
    can be complicated so I will leave the details out of these instructions
    if you need help theres lots of information online if you google or search
    for "how to burn a CD or DVD" or "how to make a dvd image", or "how to
    mount and image file".

    List of languages
    to find the images for the language you want find the language in the list
    and look at the end of the line for the associated picture files
    for example if you want image files for English(US) Level I it says you need
    PCT01..08 images so you would need to download "PCT01-08(jpg).rar"
    ------------------- Language ----------------------
    Language & Level DIRs Size (MiB) Date - Associated Picture Files -
    Arabic Level I ARA01..08 141 02/05/2003 PCT01..08
    Arabic Level II ARA09..19 176 11/10/2000 PCT09..19
    Chinese(Mandarin) Level I CHI01..08 138 06/11/2000 PCA01..08
    Chinese(Mandarin) Level II CHI09..19 164 02/19/2001 PCA09..19
    Cymraeg Level I CYM01..08 145 23/09/2002 PCT01..08
    Danish level I See Dansk Level I
    Dansk Level I DAN01..08 096 17/11/1999 PCT01..08
    Deutsch Level I DEU01..08 101 02/16/2001 PCT01..08
    Deutsch Level II DEU09..19 112 16/02/2001 PCT09..19
    Dutch Level I See Nederlands Level I
    Dutch Level II See Nederlands Level II
    English(UK) Level I EBR01..08 130 29/12/1999 PCT01..08
    English(UK) Level II EBR09..19 152 05/15/2000 PCT09..19
    English(US) Level I ENG01..08 098 31/03/1999 PCT01..08
    English(US) Level II ENG09..19 104 22/06/1999 PCT09..19
    Espanol Level I ESP01..08 115 16/11/2001 PCT01..08
    Espanol Level II ESP09..19 120 16/11/2001 PCT09..19
    Francais Level I FRA01..08 090 11/15/2001 PCT01..08
    Francais Level II FRA09..19 105 11/15/2001 PCT09..19
    French Level I See Francais Level I
    French Level II See Francais Level II
    German Level I See Deutsch Level I
    German Level II See Deutsch Level II
    Greek Level I GRK01..08 141 03/25/2004 PC201..08
    Greek Level II GRK09..19 174 06/21/2004 PC301..19
    Hindi Level I HIN01..08 149 05/05/2003 PCT01..08
    Indonesian Level I IND01..08 144 23/09/2002 PCA01..08
    Italian Level I See Italiano Level I
    Italian Level II See Italiano Level II
    Italiano Level I ITA01..08 115 16/11/2001 PC201..08
    Italiano Level II ITA09..19 515 09/01/1998 PCT09..19
    Japanese Level I JPN01..08 498 05/03/1998 PCA01..08
    Japanese Level II JPN09..19 709 06/09/1998 PCA09..19
    Kiswahili Level I KIS01..08 119 03/11/1999 PCF01..08
    Korean Level I KOR01..08 498 05/03/1998 PCA01..08
    Latin Level I LAT01..08 129 14/01/2000 PCN01..08
    Nederlands Level I NED01..08 105 07/05/2001 PCT01..08
    Nederlands Level II NED09..19 131 10/04/2002 PCT09..19
    Polish Level I POL01..08 496 06/03/1998 PCT01..08
    Portugues(Brazil) Level I POR01..08 109 04/30/2002 PCT01..08
    Portugues(Brazil) Level II POR09..19 138 08/21/2001 PCT09..19
    Russian Level I RUS01..08 113 27/04/1999 PCT01..08
    Russian Level II RUS09..19 136 04/07/2000 PCT09..19
    Spanish(Latin) Level I See Espanol Level I
    Spanish(Latin) Level II See Espanol Level II
    Spanish(Spain) Level I ESC01..08 083 08/26/2003 PC301..09
    Spanish(Spain) Level II ESC09..19 106 07/11/2003 PCT09..19
    Svenska Level I SVE01..08 106 05/09/2003 PCT01..08
    Swahili Level I See Kiswahili Level I
    Swedish Level I See Svenska Level I
    Thai Level I THA01..08 558 08/28/2001 PCA01..08
    Turkish Level I TUR01..08 104 04/06/2000 PCT01..08
    Vietnamese Level I VIE01..08 116 09/11/2002 PCA01..08
    Welsh Level I See Cymraeg Level I
    What is missing from the complete set?
    English US Level 3
    Farsi(Persian) Level I
    Hebrew Level I
    Pashto Level I
    Spanish(Latin) Level 3

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    what kind of file is this. If its .iso, then do you have daemon tools?

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    which tracker does it belong to ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaqozo View Post
    which tracker does it belong to ?
    uhh downloaded from bitcomet, and there is no ISO file, and I have poweriso and daemon tools

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    do you have invites to bitcomet ?

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    im just trying to understand exactually what this file is and why you need to mount it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaqozo View Post
    do you have invites to bitcomet ?

    From what site did you download the torrent?

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    @thesixthsensor , i mean you are in the wrong forum.
    it`s just like i would ask here about the sex technics, after downloading a porn movie by a bitcomet.

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    wtf... what are you talking about... im just trying to understand why he needs to install 20 languges for.

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    i think you don`t need this program because you can`t read.
    did you try to read the name of this forum section ? if not, just try.

    you know, this section is for invites to torrent sites, questions about why scenereactor isn`t working, questions about using uTorrent , memories of cheaters etc. i don`t think there are skilled ppl here that can help you to install illegal copy of any program.
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