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Thread: Exporting Different Part Of Songs

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    I heard there's a way you can take the background music theme, beat, etc out of a song so you dont have the extra words and stuff. Is this possible and how? I have cool edit pro.

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    I wish

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    wouldn't this have something to do with seperating the channels etc? i can't remember how many channels the average mp3 has. i'm pretty sure this is difficult, or else there would be karaoke tracks available for virtually every song, as people would rip it without the vocals, so i don't think there is a standard program floating around with this capability.

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    The only true way to remove the vocals is from the master recording(4,8,16,32,64, track recording).
    One (or more) track(s) being the vocals.

    If you don't have access to the masters, than "removing" the vocals through equalization is some what possible. Using a parametric EQ would be the best way but a simple EQ may work.

    What you do is lower the volume of a specific frequency.
    But this will lower the volume of all audio at that frequency.
    So, a certain amount of loss can be expected(less so using a parametric EQ).

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    welcome to the world of cutting samples
    its a world of pain
    and joy
    i prefer soundforge
    it is an excellent cutting app with joggable selection and able to operate on mp3 rip cds etc.


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