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Thread: David Beckingham.

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    What's he won since moving from manutd to Real Madrid.

    Fuck all.

    They won the Super Cup shortly after he arrived.

    a, That's pish.

    b, He can hardly claim any credit.

    So he's won squat.

    I'll give you that he's got a brazillion pounds, he's adored by millions, is a demi-god in the far east and ges to shag posh spice (amongst others). However that's hardly .... jammy cunt, fuck winning at football.

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    I think that maybe it is time to give him that chance to become a musician.
    If not then why not try a movie or two.
    None the less he has made the sport of golf, into a more aesthetic feature, and added new fans to the sport.
    Cause without him golf would simply have died out within a few years.

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    is a cunt.
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