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Thread: Has Anyone Got The Discworld Books?

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    Just wondering if someone's got all the Discworld books as ebooks, and if I could have them That is, if you've got them as audio books, that'd be wicked too

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    got em as ebooks there in the can i posted if u want em

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    Couldn't find any book list there mate

    What did I do wrong?


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    list starts on page 2 i updated the list and there wasnt enuff room left at the top of the page auther name is Pratchett, Terry

    btw i got about 300 more books to add to it now so ill be updating it again soon

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    Ah yes

    Thanks a lot

    Btw there were a few books missing, book 6 and 10.

    But great anyway


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    ya i just got 2 more 10 and another 8 that i think may be 6 ill update the list soon iv been porcrastanating i got 1790 ebooks now still mostly all Sifi

    do u happen to know the name of 6 ?

    Wyrd Sisters or Guards! Guards!
    i think it must be but i dont know wich is 8 and wich is 6

    theres about 200-300 books in my list i havent read yet and disk world series are some of them so i dont know

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    Number 6 is Wyrd Sisters... One of my favourites! I wonder why no one has put Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax in the "who's your favourite hero?" thread?

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    thanx for the info


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