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    i have a xvid file that has poor video quality. I downloaded a tool called gspot the other day but havent quit learned all the terminology yet. What im asking is if there is anyway to clean up the video reseloution or not ?

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    I use FFDshow to make my videos a bit nicer. Although the effort it took to work out how to use it probably wasn't worth the improvements.

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    gspot will just tell what Codec you need to run the file...thats all it does.

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    if you can, it would be less work to just try and find a better quality version.

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    I've had a little success with Virtual Dub and Virtual Dub Mod, using their filters during a reencode, you can crop (null transform), sharpen, change brightness and contrast and adjust the color. It can help with some cam videos but the thing about cam's is they are a month away from being a rip, and I prefer to get them as VCD so I can put the cd to the side or give it away when I make the dvd from the rip when it comes out.


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