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Thread: corrupt downloads?

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    why would more than 50% of my downloads be corrupt or damaged. I'm using grab it 1.6.2

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    get a premium news provider like giganews or newshosting...cuz isp servers have alot of incompletes
    or just use par files to fix it..if u have enuff blocks to fix it

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    the problem just started happening, within the last week. But nothing is changed on the machine or on the newsgroup client.

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    Are you getting server timeout errors, server 'no such article' errors, client 'failed CRC check' errors, or some other kind or error?

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    I'm getting all those errors.

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    Server timeout errors: Try reinitializing your router.
    No such article errors: Get a premium server; fewer of those errors with better servers.
    Failed CRC check errors: Repair with PAR2 files if there are enough.
    Other kinds of errors: Firewall or antivirus might be interfering.

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    Im using the lastest version of grabit also, but my connection keeps dropping out :s

    Anyone else?

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    What server do you have...


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