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Thread: Invites error?

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    Hey. I've been a member of this board for way over a month, and have more then 5 posts, but I still can't post in the invites section. This is irritating. Someone please help.

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    impossible. cant believe that. maybe you count the wrong day?!

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    Its not <way over a month> I think. Do you?...still have to wait 1 day( or two)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman1611 View Post
    I've been a member of this board for way over a month
    no u haven't.
    u posted this on the 18th.
    u joined on the 20th.
    try back on wednesday.
    also take note that it takes a little time to update, so its pointless posting asking why u still cant access the invites section on wednesday.
    if its not working on thursday, then by all means, post again asking why.


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