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Thread: Microsoft 'Soapbox' Takes On YouTube

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    From video blogs to lonelygirl15, broadband has ushered in an era of viral video that has surprised an industry. User-created clips on YouTube and Google Video reach millions of screens each day and now Microsoft wants a piece of the action with "Soapbox."

    An expansion of its current MSN Video site, Soapbox enables users to upload their own videos much like current offerings from Microsoft competitors. Aside from market leaders YouTube and Google, AOL recently launched "UnCut" and social networking giant MySpace now supports video uploads.

    With Soapbox, Microsoft is betting that its established Windows Live Spaces and Messenger user base will give it a leg up despite a late entry into the market. Spaces is currently the fastest growing blog community and Messenger, thanks to a partnership with Yahoo, now reaches more consumers than AOL's AIM.

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    thanks for the News

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    Like any tabloid, they use big hits like "lonelygurl27478" etc to start their info, which has nothing to do with the text - cheap trick.


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