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Thread: Making Dubs To Vhs?

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    I am trying to put together some recent movie files I have downloaded and transfer them to VHS tape so I can send them to a friend in the Army stationed in Baghdad.

    I am wondering if macrovision (the copy-write software) is transfered to any of these mpg of avi encodes?

    I would assume tellesync (cams) files, do not have this file protection.

    a side question, what does auto search mode in kazaa do?


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    M8 macrovision wont b on any mpg or avi ,its only normaly on retail
    copys and then removed when ripped, and auto search more is like an automated seach if u activate it it will just search and search until u stop it(saves u from contantly pressin'search) its best to find a few files first before usin' auto search more or itil keep dissconnect ur kazaalite

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    yes. i just did that too. transfering vcd to vhs. and it worked just fine.

    but i guess CosmoK already cleared that up for you though..


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