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Thread: US in Iran already ?

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    It's just speculation, but it has been reported that the US is conducting military operations in Iran.

    If true, suppose some of these US operatives were captured.

    From a military standpoint what would be justifiable for the US to do about it and what would be justified for Iran to do.

    From a treatment of "enemy combatants" standpoint would Iran have a defense if they water boarded the prisoners to get information about an imminent attack by the US (this is feasible after all) or could the US consider this to be a war crime.
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    The logical thing for Iran to do would be to ask the U.N. to come and collect the 'soldiers' and make sure the whole world was aware of the incursion. The only thing wrong with that is logic and Iran do not go together.
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    As you will recall the Iranians detained some British soldiers who may or may not have strayed into Iranian territory (it was on a river). It took a few days to get them back but they were returned unharmed. The Iranians kept the equipment though which was a pain as their defence industry is into reverse engineering in a big way.

    If US troops were just over the border having a snoop and peacefully surrendered then I would hazard a similar turn of events would occur.

    If they were well within Iran and tried to shoot it out then it would be a massive diplomatic incident. What if Iraninan troops were on US soil near sensitive facilities and had a shoot out with US forces. I suspect this would not play well in the US media. There would be recriminations and the chances of getting any such soldiers captured back quickly would be nil. To send troops in such a manner is a declaration of war.

    I would be surprised if US troops had feet on the ground in Iran. Spies - well that is another matter
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    @Biggles , spies have probably been there for years . Its the smart thing to do know your friends but know your enemy better . I can see the recruiting posters already , Iranian look alikes only need apply .

    Make a good book no ? They have been doing too but call theirs "Students "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedler View Post
    Make the G.I.s drink llama spit.
    I though Llama's live in South America ?



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    I hear Cuba has offered Iran a piece of their land as an 'Enemy Combatant' detention facility. They can then lock the US soldiers up indefinitely without trial.


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