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Thread: The Matrix Reloaded

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    Every matrix reloaded I have attempted to downlaod has been fake or corrupt :'( has anybody got a has code or specific file details I could pump into kazaa to get a real one? dont care about quality

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    look what said heres the link

    Fans from last summer remember Episode II was available several days before the release in theaters and despite intense secrecy and advanced countermeasures the Matrix sequel has fallen prey to the same fate as well. It is a 900+ MB Divx AVI played and verified for authenticity. Most people are downloading "spoofs" that are actually Sweet Home Alabama or something - but a real one does exist, and it is spreading like wildfire. Oh yeah, and there's an X-Men: United DVD of excellent quality shipping from Hong Kong as well.

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    their is a whole topic on the fact we cant find it in the main movie forum

    as soon as their is verified, beleive me, you'll know about it, dont download fakes

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    contrary to reports, at this very moment that i post this... its not out yet... be patient...


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