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Thread: Pixellation when coding in Nero 7.2

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    When coding downloaded movie before burning in Nero 7.2 it shows intermittent pixellation, and this comes out in the burning process too.
    Have re-installed Nero, but it still does it.

    Any ideas please.

    Many Thanks for any help.

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    version was released the other day, you might want to try that version.

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    Why were you "coding" a downloaded movie?
    Does the original downloaded file show pixelation?
    What part of Nero did you use? Nero Recode?

    Try DVD Shrink.

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    I was using Nero Vision. It always wants to code the downloaded movie no matter what format it is in. I really dont understand a great deal about it so I leave it to the Nero wizard usually.

    The original movie doesnt show any pixellation at all.

    I thought DVD shrink was to decrease the size of the movies. The files I download are usually 7oomg etc and they come out of Nero as a 4.38GB movie. Explain please.

    I am reluctant to try the new version of Nero as I have just formatted again to get rid of everything Nero as it was causing problems even after the re-install.



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