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Thread: I've lost my Pisexy account :(

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    Sep 2003
    I had a Pisexy account 4 months ago but lost my internet access after moving house. I'm back online now but my Pisexy account is gone. I think my username was 121.

    I've tried signing up with Filelist and Torrentleech but their not accepting any new members atm. Those three private sites are the best right? I really miss Pisexy. I think I got an invite or something for it last time. What should I do now?

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    private trackers usually delete the account after 42 days of inactivity

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    nothing you can do, pisexy doesnt have invites

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    4 months is so long!!! almost anysite will del you.
    try bitsoup , demonoid , ........some open sites are also very good.

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    Thanks, I signed up with Bitsoup. How does it compare with Pisexy? Is it a private tracker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 121 View Post
    Thanks, I signed up with Bitsoup. How does it compare with Pisexy? Is it a private tracker?
    Bitsoup is very good they have a large selection of torrents as you can see.
    Yes it's a private tracker.
    Pisexy has much less torrents than Bitsoup.

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    its a bit like demonoid.
    i'd call it semi private.
    it requires u to register, and keep a good ratio, but absolutely anyone can join.
    bitsoup is 1 of those sites that let u buy upload credit for donating to the site.
    and they send u ALOT of spam pm's asking u to donate, telling u what rewards u get for donating.

    my guess is the owner makes alot of money. i cant stand sites like that.
    asking for donations to keep up with the server costs is fine. spamming pm's over and over selling upload credit to make a profit is lame.

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    You are not missing anything. Pisexy use to be big but then their owners went on a power trip and caused many to leave. There are so many other good sites out there. You just need to learn how to get in them

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    May 2006
    I agree with j0hn & porkchop.

    I would advise to go for demonoid, you can find much better content than bitsoup, if you dont mind slow speeds some times.

    When I was a member in Bitcoup, I have received many PMs about donating and its really bothering.
    The owner of bitsoup must first fix the crappy contect of his site, add more torrents and then start begging for donations. Since 20 months that I started using private trackers, I have been registered to more than 25 (altho I am presently active member in 7 or 8) and I haven't seen any other site-op asking for money so persistently - its like begging.

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    Pisexy is awesome... I have not noticed anyone leaving...Hell they got over 1000 dvd's there... Bit Soup does bug me daily w/ all the mass pms.....

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