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Thread: Please Help! I'm Looking For A Kids Book

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    Hi all!

    I had this book from childhood. And i loaned it to someone long, long time ago and never got it back!
    But i just can't remember the title anymore!
    I want it back!!!!

    Okay the story as i remember it:

    It's about a kid who just moved into a new home with his parents.
    In the garden stands a very big old tree.
    He comes in contact with a ghost who seems to be a wizard... there is also something buried in the garden next to the tree..
    Sorry i can't remember very much more than this.. it was a very long time ago!

    Please!! If anyone can give me a title i would appreciate it very very much!!!
    If i see the title it will all come back again i'm shure!

    The book is from the 70's.. (Yes long time ago&#33
    It is possible that this book was only published in The Netherlands. I hope not!!
    Thanks in advance..


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    Hmm...I haven't heard of it. Maybe some of our Netherland-dwellers could help you out.

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