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Thread: Punk In Drublic

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    rock vs. rap. Who gives a shit. Punk (rock) pwnz all. Anyone who says punk is dead hasn't heard of bands like Strung Out, Teen Idols, Rise Against, Bouncing Souls, Goldfinger, or Dropkick Murphey's. Sum182 doesn't count as punk btw... Always looking to explore the genre more, if anyone who "gets this" post can name some cool punk bands please post em up here so I can check em out. Ska is allowed, but keep your emo outta this thread plz =)
    P.S. This is not a debate topic, flame elsewhere, or better yet, go back to mtv and eat whatever they're feeding the masses now, and keep on believing punk is dead so your dirty hands won't stain this genre.

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    try checking out millencolin, pennywise, yellowcard, anti-flag, and catch 22

    thats all i can think of off the top of my head B)

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    i made a post about this kinda thing before.

    the main points were....

    bands on mtv or any other music channel are not always bad.

    bands that are not well known except for on the "underground" scene are not always good, just because they have their own little fan base.

    i think music is a mood thing, and your taste changes with it. i don't see why you should restrict youself.

    Finch are good, but you probably won't agree because they get on mtv2 etc now.
    AFI are good, but you probably won't agree because Sing The Sorrow is a "sell out" record supposedly.
    Bad Religion are good, dunno what you would say about them.
    some of the Descendents stuff is good, as is some of NOFX's stuff.
    i like the new Transplants album, but seeing as they have a video on mtv i think, they must actually suck in your view.
    if you don't like Madness then you're crazy.
    i'm not a big fan, but you might like the Voodoo Glow Skulls.
    There's Less Than Jake too, who were pretty good live, but they have MTV videos too oh no!
    I like the Ataris, but can see why a lot of people don't think much of them.
    You could check out The Aquabats, but Travis Barker from Blink-182 (and Boxcar Racer and the Transplants) used to play with them, so obviously they are a no-go area for you. Not like he's a good drummer or anything.........

    i've spared you all the "emo" stuff i like. and everything else that i like from almost 500 albums.
    I'm not flaming you, just trying to make u open up your musical horizons a little.

    thats all i can think of just now.

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    PS - If you are looking for punk/ska/etc etc get soulseek at, version 147 or whatever it's up to now, and join our room, there is also a huge punk room unconnected to this forum that has all the punk stuff that would probably give a guy like yourself wet dreams. If you need more info on soulseek PM Funky Capricorn or use the search feature to find out more.

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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    Rancid are great! You should really check them out and their rancid/nofx split album they did recently

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    punk-rock rules. NOFX, Pennywise, Descendents, The Hippos, Operation Ivy, The Planet Smashers, Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, The Bouncing Souls, Rancid, Sublime, The Offspring, The Transplants, and most bands on Fat Wreck, Epitaph, Golf Records, Burning Heart Records and Household Name records. im sharing some stuff on soulseek if u want it, i got punk-o-rama 1-7, and some stuff from the bands listed above


    EDIT: Add to that list anything The_Faceman likes, cept emo, not really into that

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    I'm not such an elitist snob that I refuse to appreciate anything on mtv... I'm actually wearing a less then jake shirt right now, and Greenday rules, no matter what anyone're right though, ya I like Bad religon and catch 22, and you guessed it, afi are sellouts in my book. It wasn't only just a sellout record, but it sounds awefull[y] emo to me... I think you missed the meaning of my post mr. faceman, I was refering to the bubblegum punk scene, the shit aimed at 15 y/o girls with a huge fan base only cause the lead singer is just sooo hot *cough*eminem*cough* I'm sharing over 1000 audio files on kazaa, yes, even afi (go ahead and call me a hyprocrite, I can admit that they do have some good stuff): never heard of soulseek before, I'll go look it up before I bother anyone with pm's.
    Btw anyone know of any good horror punk bands as well? I'm a big misfits fan, and I like the sounds Cryptkeeper 5 and like bands have

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    brotherdoobie's Avatar Long live Hissyfit BT Rep: +1
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    Next To Automated Alice

    Agnostic Front
    Bad Brains
    Bad Religion
    Black Flag
    Circle Jerks
    The Clash
    The Cramps
    Dead Kennedys
    The Dead Milkmen
    The Exploited
    The Germs
    Green Day
    Minor Threat
    Sex Pistols
    Social Distortion
    Suicidal Tendencies

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    ye, ,they are all good brotherdoobie. if you want a topic to check take a look at This Topic. i started it a long time ago but it has helped my find lots of good bands. check it

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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    That's a mighty fine list you got there son

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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