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Thread: why are some 360 files 3gb and under

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    are these not full games, i was informed that all 360 games were 5gb and above

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    360 games are on regular dvd's at this point.
    So they can be up to ~8 GB's.
    That doesn't mean it has to be that big.
    I remember a Tekken game for the PS2 that was on a CD, max 700MB. Others too I can't recall.
    Some games are just smaller than others.

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    games r normaly big from movies and textures added.

    so eather the game wasnt very bit or they repeated a lot of textures all through out the map and didnt have many videos

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    Games that are below 3GB are normaly xbox1 games converted to play on 360 consoles, All 360 games that are proper 360 games not xbox1 games when unpacked with winrar are 7.05.GB in size.

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    thanks for the info


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