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Thread: Request Photoshop 7 for Mac

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    Hi there people.
    I am in a bit of a dilemma, I need to buy or get a copy of PS 7 for Mac but since it is no longer supported I canīt get it anywhere, not even in torrents.
    All I could get was the Tryout Version wich expires in 30 days and it is hack proof. I read that it can be unlocked with the executable (.app) of the full version.

    Could anyone give me a copy of Photoshop 7 mac full version installer if possible, or at least the full version executable of PS 7 Mac?

    I have some software for Mac and PC, I am willing to trade PS 7 for any of it so we can call it even at least. If someone is interested please contact me.

    If this is the wrong place to make these requests, please tell me so and inform me where I can make such requests, thanks.

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    Why PS 7? Why not the latest PS CS2?

    To purchase it, why not contact Adobe?

    Any other reason to ask here is against board rules (requests and/or cracks etc.).

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    I need to use it in both Classic and OS X enviroment, Adobe has absolutely erased PS7 from existence, cannot be obtained from them, and CS2 is a memory hog and can only be used in OS X.


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