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Thread: Fake Downloads

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    Since Fasttrack has been down, I have been double guessing at good quality movies ...
    But I am also get fakes.......

    Other than getting people to remove them off their shared drive ..does anyone know how to change the Title of the download..?

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    can u not just edit the details once it has downloaded, thats what i do

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    to change the title, click on "My Kazaa Lite" then on whatever file type (in this case video) and choose the file. Right click and go on edit details.

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    Once I have downloaded the file , I do change the name on my shared drive, but not everyone does that... I
    Is there anyway to change the name of the download in the search window..?

    I generally tend to use the AVI preview to make sure I have the right movie , but I am finding that some downloads won't let me use the preview and so I generally have to wait until it has finished


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