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    so i just got a macbook and i've been told on this forum that oink is one of the few trackers that has mac torrents. i currently don't have any invites to trade, but ive got a great ratio at torrentleech, and i used to have a great account at torrentbits back in the day, before they switch servers, please pm

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    Well.. they have 500 mac apps... mayb more than others, but not lots. It's mostly music related tho.
    The problem with oink invites atm is that they have really strict rules... so if you invite a cheater, you will never be able to invite anyone again.
    So it may be hard finding a generous person for this tracker!

    But Good luck!

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    try this tracker, its open and have 100's of mac apps

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    i tried brokenstones, its full

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    i can help u with some rapidshare links from a private graphic forum they doesnt have invite system
    pm for what appz that u r looking for :d


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