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Thread: im ask to pay for usenet

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    ive visited usenet website and tried to download usenet but it said i had to pay, is there a link to this site? i dont mind paying but ive been had before,ive trieng to open an nzb file but im unable to untill i have usenet,can anyone help?

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    Usenet providers are like you internet provide. You're not paying for what's there, you're paying for access.

    You have your choice of providers for this service, and they are not all created equal (just like internet providers). The absolute best is Giganews, it's also the pricest. There are referral links in the newsgroups section of this forum (stickies at the top), if you use them to make you purchase this site gets a few cents kicked it's way.

    You may want to do some reading in the newsgroups section for the latest news. I am guessing that you already found this site's NZB index. There is also a good tuturial there on how to use Usenet.
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    I've heard very good things about Giganews, i'm tempted to use it. I've just to do the math to know how much do i pay for electricity when leaving the pc on 24/7 to seed back...

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    Suggest reading this first

    As for service suggest NewsHosting as the best deal.
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