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Thread: Everyone Read This

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    Wise Kvcd Maker/PIMP
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    Everyone make sure in option, kazaa options, filter make sure it says no filter because thats y most times u can't get the file u r looking for just to let people know who never changed their filter. peace

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    thx for the hint

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    Cool tip but in addition you only need to filter out what you don't want.
    Having the adult filter on will still alow you to get software but not porn.
    Having the "filter 'could have virus' files will stop you getting software but not things like errrr .... porn.

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    kool tip

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    Thanks for the tip, but here is a small question:

    My setup is:
    K++ 2.03 666
    KL - 2.02
    KLE 0.50 beta 3

    I just found out that my search filter does not work (or I do not know how to operate it ?) .
    When I activate the "images & video" filer, clear all the checkboxes and edit box - and do a search - nothing comes out of the search (as you mentioed) .

    What I wanted is - not to allow to find, for example, .avi type files , but only .mpg. I trie to put ".avi" in the edit box , but still - nothing ...

    Is it a Kazaa bug ?

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    Wise Kvcd Maker/PIMP
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    May 2003
    yeah, but looking in image is not going to bring up .mpg files just search in video if it is .mpg format then there u go but most are in .avi so thats all u going to see is that until i start posting all the .mpg movies and putting them on kazaa check filesharing forum peace

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    that was a cool tip thanks I will check it ..................


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