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Thread: Hitman 2 Prob

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    i get an error

    An I/O error occured while installing a file . This is normally caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file.

    anyway i can fix it????

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    try to use cd mage. If that doesn't work unpack your image with winiso and ask someone who has the non-corrupted file for the file that is corrupt in your image. Just replace it and you have a decent running copy

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    do ya know anyone who has a workin copy of hitman 2?

    and how do i know which file is corrupted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by da_next_kid View Post
    do ya know anyone who has a workin copy of hitman 2?

    and how do i know which file is corrupted...
    It's very unlikely to be a corrupted file.

    After investigating for a while now, this error is a mystery. I have the same issue trying to install Hitman 2 and Hitman contracts. I have successfully installed both of these before.

    I have used mcheck to check the disks, which are free of errors, and besides, I have used them before. A lot of people have said (evidently without checking or trying it out themselves) that the problem is faulty RAM, but it's not. The Ram has been fully tested. The disks are fine, the RAM is fine, the hard drives are all fine, and there are no hardware conflicts. Welcome to the club, this is affecting a lot of people, according to Google results.

    If you have found the solution since this thread was started, please let everybody know what you did to fix it!

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    I know there was a bad copy of Hitman 2 floating around with error'ed files, but that they only cropped up on certain machines. Was your release a full ISO, or a rar'ed directory? (and if you did get the bad copy... simplest solution is to try and find an actual ISO'ed copy, sorry :/)

    Also, what OS are you trying to install on? WinXP, or is this on Vista?


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