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Thread: Red Hat 8 Install/1st Boot

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    Hello people of the forum,

    I've just installed red hat linux 8 and for some reason i cannot boot into it.

    I have made necessary partitions (Ext3 and Swap) for linux with Acronis partition expert. However, when i was installing the red hat it didn't want to recognize the partitions i've created and offered its own way. so i agreed to this. It made partitions for itself instead of the partitions i've created and installed the red hat.
    During installations there was one odd thing that i didn't get. I was told that red hat 8 required 3 cds for the installation...but during the install it asked me only for i don't know how should i use the 3rd one.
    After install it said that everything installed succesfully and i can start using linux. I rebooted and i was presented with nice GRUB boot OS selector with DOS (my WinXP Home) and Red Hat 8.
    First I checked dos just to see if everything was ok with my windows then i restarted to finally try out the linux... was ok to begin with (i wasn't presented with graphical interface yet). It was checking my hardware and it seemed that everything was "ok" it indicated against every check. comes my frustration....when it reached Bringing up loopback interface it didn't proceed any further. I mean,... I waited for 30 minutes (I think it's enough time) and it was still there....the cursor was blinking and nothing was happening. Please help people....maybe i need to write something there. I also created a boot disc during install and I tried to use it to see if it helps but the boot failed....several times....

    P.S. During install i checked full (default) install for desktop workstation
    I have Pentium 3, 512 memory, 30 Hd, WinXP home as my first OS....10 of them allocated for linux....1gb for swap...

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    there is a bit of information on the problem here forum

    The third cd contains loads of extra progrmas that where not installed. stuff like open office and a few more goodies.


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