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Thread: down?

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    Is down? I cant connect to it for the past 4 days.

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    Their having problems with their MySQL database, they should be up in the next few days.

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    Does anyone know the IRC channel details of goem? Formerly the tracker was

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    hope so great site

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    Finally goem is back

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    Yes its back up.........everyone go join now singups are open

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    up and running thanx.

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    Is it down again? Today was the server cost payment date. I wonder if they made it.

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    oohhh will have a look at this site

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    Up again, down again. No word on the site while it was up what the problem was. It looked like some were still able to connect, maybe by country or ISP. Not sure. There were uploads to the site while I was unable to reach it.

    "Seems to be down again, since yesterday morning. Maybe one of the site admins will see this post and give us an update."

    Back up last night...New Server..04/16/2007
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