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Thread: Best music videos?

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    I have one video that has stucked to my mind more than anyone else. Which ones do you have?

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    i mostly prefer watching tool music videos in an altered state of mind! ooh, wait & bleed stop action music video was sublime as well. ok, well i guess i just prefer stop action in general, but i can't put green jelly's little pig in this list. it was funny, but just not "best".
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    140 - Lamb Of God - Redneck, Killer song and a funny vid

    I got more but i'm off to bed
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    litterly anything from chris cunningham, spike jhones, jonathen glazer and michel gondry. there all amazing music video directors... hard to pick a fav.

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    agreed, especially that robotic bjork video by cunningham

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    Nirvana - You Know You're Right
    Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
    2Pac - How Do U Want It


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