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Thread: SUPER NOOB!!!!!!!!needs help.

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    Hi. I need to the simple fact of what type of cd i need to. Im downloading warcraft 3. THere are all .iso files. Please post ASAP.

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    how big are the iso files? if there over about 700mb then you'll have to burn them to DVD.

    if not just burn them to cd with nero or something...

    though... easyer would be to just use demon tools or alcohol %120 to 'mount' the iso files just google those 2 apps... need anymore help just ask

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    A bit more information for you. Daemon tools is a program that creates a virtual cd/dvd drive on your computer, kind of fooling the computer into thinking you have an extra drive. You can use daemon tools to mount the ISO that you downloaded on the virtual drive - as if it were on a disk in your imaginary drive. From there you can run whatever would be on the disk as if it were a normal cd/dvd in a normal disk drive.

    You can get daemon tools here:

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    Any old CD should do. Files of type '.iso' are disk image files, so you use something like Nero and burn the files straight onto a disk. There should be a '.cue' file which you will receive with the .iso files. Just open that file and it should all work like clockwork from there!

    If you haven't got Nero, then you can use a utility like 'burncdcc', which is a free download from:

    Hope that helps!

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    how would i set the configuration on alcohal 120%? I think i would go to image burning wizard, then select the file i would want record, but when i press next it takes to the wich drive i want to use. This is where i get confused. do i need to change any of the default settings? Does it even matter?

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    plus to add to that it did not come with a .cue file. Three .iso files and a readme.

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    Im sorry if yall think this topic is done but it really isn't read above

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    Dude, don't triple-post

    Anyways, when you open Alcohol120%, from the sidebar select Burn Image file and in the next screen browse to the folder that holds the .iso's, select the .iso you want to burn and click open, then you click next, in the next screen you select which optical drive you want to use for burning the image and which speed it should burn at (don't set the speed too high, the higher the speed, the higher the chance of making coasters and does it really matter wether it takes 3 or 10 mins. to burn a cd) that done you click Burn and wait

    And you don't need a .cue file with an .iso, .cue's belong with .bin's.

    Also, image files comes in many types and Alcohol will burn them all, just select the filetype from the dropdown box on the browse screen, select the file and burn it. For filetypes such as .img that aren't in the filelist, just select All files, choose your file and burn.

    Have fun

    Edit: Open the Readme in notepad, it'll be instructions for installing the game.
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    I'm not going to answer your question directly as it's been answered in depth already. What I will add, is a comment on your posting "abilities".

    Please refrain from using thread titles like the one above. Typically, I don't even bother to read threads with titles like this one. Believe it or not, you will actually get more views/replies from a thread that states a direct problem.

    Also, try to be polite. A little bit of sincerity and maturity goes a long way.

    Posts like....

    Hi. I need to the simple fact of what type of cd i need to. Im downloading warcraft 3. THere are all .iso files. Please post ASAP.
    ....are just downright annoying. "Please post ASAP"??? Show some patience ffs....


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