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Thread: CD Isn't working but why...

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    I stick in warcraft 3(torrent) and ive already downloaded and everything. Someone told me i could stick on a CD-R but I'm starting to think that this is not true. EVery time i hit play it says "cannot find disc" or something like that. What is the cause of this?

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    you probably need to apply the no-cd patch or crack. look in the first cd for a folder called crack. copy whatevers in that folder to the folder where the game is installed on your computer, eg. C:// >> Program Files >> Warcraft 3. it usually involves overwriting one or more of the installed files. once you've done that try running the game

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    you allready started a thread about this. can someone close this and keep the conversation in the other thread. and this is in the wrong section aswell!

    anyway you want demon tools, its easyer to use that alchohol for what you want to do.


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