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Thread: Demonoid problem?

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    Hey ppl.. the last couple of days i have problem login in in demonoid..
    as soon as the page loads it shows me this error:


    PGSQL said: ERROR: Reader: Can't open file: 'vmainsess'. (errno: 125)

    This is irrecuperable
    Does anybody else has this problem? I already sent an email to admin[at]demonoid[dot]com, 2 days ago, but received no reply..

    any ideas?

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    Have to tried cleaning your cookies out of your browser? If not try that.

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    yep, i've tried that.. i've also tried 3 different browsers.. no luck

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    Yes, I too have been having the problem. I could get it up in Opera for a little while and then I was unable to. Same with IE... and that sucked to use. I dont know what is up with it and was hoping that maybe it would be fixed within a few days. I have done a complete deletion of my cookies as well as ALL private data and nothing has helped so far. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I miss demonoid haha.


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    Its not a browser issue. Nor a cookie issue. The DB server appears to be having some sort of issues from the looks of it.
    PGSQL = SQL server.

    My guess would be their tables have gone out of wack if the server shutdown suddenly and nobody has gone back to fix them.
    (Again just a hunch cause Ive seen similiar happen to my site before)
    Ussually running a repair on the db will fix these issues.

    Its kinda obvious they wouldnt be answering their emails if they havent even figured out how to fix thier site.
    Hopefully they fix the issue and site comes backup in a day or so.

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    I see no problem. But it might have something to do (temporarily) with the new "Searching" thingie they introduced.

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    hey guys , what make demonoid special

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    it has alotttt of files =]

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    I am still having the same problem.

    " PGSQL said: ERROR: Reader: Can't open file: 'vmainsess'. (errno: 125)

    This is irrecuperable"

    Freaking make it recuperable!

    I want to download. Now I am like a week behind because of this crap!!

    @ Sentry, What browser are you using. Maybe it is a problem with all my Firefox, Opera AND... :'-/ IE browsers

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    I'm using Mozilla Firefox and demonoid log in works fine.


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