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Thread: need help, damn firewall, i always get banned

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    hey i recently moved into an apartment building that came with internet already, its close to my school, dont really know if its the internet connection of the school tho. Anyways, they dont allow me to run p2p, and other programs im used to running back home, skype, bittorrent and even my socom 3 on ps2!! they dont allow port forwarding for my ps2 soi cant use my mic on socom, and everytime i download something(moveis, games etc) i get banned for like a week...this shits getting annoying. im wondering if theres anything i can do about this? a program that lets me not get caught or something. any help would be nice, thx

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    are you in the dorms at uni/college by any chance?

    no there is no real way around this. They will probably monitor usage very carefully so any form of encryption you use will make no real difference as your usage will still be high.

    your best bet is to make friends with the system admin and see what the rules are exactly. Ask what rules they set for usage allowance. ask him if you can download through the night when bandwidth is in less demand.


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