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Thread: Running Kazaa Lite On Linux

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    I am not a linux user so I can't really answer your questions regarding this guide.

    1. Install Wine and set it's version to Win98

    2. Install K++ 2.10 by entering command "wine klitekpp210b3e.exe".

    3. You need to get some Windows dll's to your Windows/System/ directory.
    Enter the following commands:

    cd ~/.wine/fake_windows/Windows/System
    mv commctrl.dll commctrl.dll.orig
    mv comctl32.dll comctl32.dll.orig
    mv comdlg32.dll comdlg32.dll.orig
    mv msvcrt.dll msvcrt.dll.orig
    mv rasapi32.dll rasapi32.dll.orig
    mv shdoclc.dll shdoclc.dll.orig
    mv shdocvw.dll shdocvw.dll.orig
    mv shlwapi.dll shlwapi.dll.orig
    mv urlmon.dll urlmon.dll.orig
    mv wininet.dll wininet.dll.orig

    4. Add the following lines to ~/.wine/config

    \"*\" = \"builtin, native, so\"
    \"commctrl\" = \"native\"
    \"shdoclc\" = \"native\"
    \"shdocvw\" = \"native\"
    \"shlwapi\" = \"native\"
    \"comdlg32\" = \"native\"
    \"ole32\" =\ "native\"
    \"oleaut32\" = \"native\"
    \"rpcrt4\" = \"native\"

    5. Now you should be able to run K++ by entering command "wine kpp.exe".

    Notes: Only use dlls from a WIndows 95/98/Me installation! Make sure you use the default wine registry, otherwise you will get the error "Failed to create empty document".

    Also, you should be able to fix the KDE desktop icon by doing the following: right-click the icon, select Properties, click the Execute tab, and change the path to the *linux* path of kpp.exe, not the Windows-style path using C:\ or whatever. So the full Command line should be:

    wine '~/.wine/fake_windows/Program Files/Kazaa Lite/kpp.exe'

    or whatever is appropriate for your setup. Also click the Permissions tab and check the Exec box for User. You should now be able to launch Kazaa Lite from the desktop icon, assuming you've gotten it working at the command line.

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    Hey, i have a slight problem, and i know you have said you will not give support or anything but i just wanna know if anyone knows what this error message means"

    [xavier@alkaif Kazaa Lite]$ wine kpp.exe
    Line 252: Unrecognized input '\"*\" = \"builtin, native, so\"'
    Line 253: Unrecognized input '\"commctrl\" = \"native\"'
    Line 254: Unrecognized input '\"shdoclc\" = \"native\"'
    Line 255: Unrecognized input '\"shdocvw\" = \"native\"'
    Line 256: Unrecognized input '\"shlwapi\" = \"native\"'
    Line 257: Unrecognized input '\"comdlg32\" = \"native\"'
    Line 258: Unrecognized input '\"ole32\" =\ "native\"'
    Line 259: Unrecognized input '\"oleaut32\" = \"native\"'
    Line 260: Unrecognized input '\"rpcrt4\" = \"native\"'
    wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...
    err:seh:start_debugger Couldn't start debugger ("debugger/winedbg 8 56") (2)
    Read the Wine Developers Guide on how to set up winedbg or another debugger
    [xavier@alkaif Kazaa Lite]$

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    242 has info on running Windows Applications and games on Linux using Wine and WineX,
    including kazaalite.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, since I use XP, i haven't verified it. But it looks a useful site.
    All my invites I give freely.

    File sharing and invite sharing
    File trading and invite trading

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    This pinned topic should be removed by moderators or admins. This has never ever worked and anyone who says otherwise is flat out misleading poor unsuspecting amatuer linux users otherwise. Wine can run a select number of windows apps, but overall its crap and developement for it is even worse. If you want to run a windows based application then install windows and run it from that. Linux was not meant to be used as a flunkie to run bill gates based applications.

    And please take in mind that this post is not to offend anyone, its merely the flat out truth from an experienced linux user.

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    Well, there are several people who do actually run Kazaa Lite on Linux.

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    Yesterday I have tried to install kazaa lite k++ 2.4.2 but during the installation process compares
    an error window :

    "This program requires Windows version 4.0.1212 or later"

    And the kazaa is not installed

    I have tested my wine with other programs like winzip, mirc and it works.

    What can I do?

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    Windows version 4.0.1212 = Windows 98 first edition

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    But I have installed the last versione of wine

    So it might be updated... is right?


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    Maybe you can do a windows update?

    Windows Update. Give that a try. It might work.

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    Clony: you must uncomment this line in wine config file "Windows" = "win98"

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