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Thread: Z-Multi`s

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    Hi, I`m looking for z-multi`s to download can any1 tell me any sites 2go2.

    I know some1 in my town that downloads them from a site that he pays for to download them but he will not tell me.

    I have search the net but can not find it anywere

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    what exactly are z multi comics, films or tvshows ?

    a quick search around comes up with nothing though so dont get your hopes up.

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    there are 3 movie`s on 1 disc

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    @ SCUDDERS M8, the Z MULTI DVD's are hard to come by now But i have a few if you rearly want some me and well sort something out ....

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    Zed's multi's are no longer released, There are some zed's multi's flying around recently, But they aren't from the original zed, Just someone using his name, Has you can tell from the quality from the original zed and these so called latest zed releases, You can only get oriinal zed releases from private FTP sites, You will be very lucky to find these on BT or newsgroups, The new multi releases to look out for are Trinty multi's and walrus multis.

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    So this is basically 3 DVD movies on one disc....?

    To save space like a dvd rip or any other reason for this?

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    Trinity Multis are the best Multis out imo - quality is really good very much like the old Zeds

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    Thre are a number of torrent sites supplying the old Zed's and the new Walrus mutlis as well as other ones Such as X-Ray Multis etc etc

    Cant recall ever seeing a multi on the NG's except perhaps the homebrew MI trilogy which was retty poorly encoded too!

    Not come across the Trinity Multis will have to look out for them

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    If you need them give us a shout i have them all.. 24 up to now !

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    ive got all of them......

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