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    Its not a torrent site...then what is it?

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    maybe templateshares is history now. lol
    nobody mention it.
    it is about building a beautiful site. very useful for a few ppl.
    for most ppl here it is nothing.

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    it is an awsome site, its not a torrent site, its better than that! all the downloads are direct from the server meaning no sharing! it has the same template look that torrentleech had before the revamp last week, it has templates , scripts , and usefull applications for everything to do with web sites/design etc

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    Pretty much any template you could ever dream of is listed on that tracker. I do like that you can download directly off of the server, meaning no seeding. Really worth getting into if you're a graphic designer, like me.

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    i'm looking for invite code at templateshares, please, or any other torrents site where i can find oscommerce templates. Thank you in advance if someone can help me,


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