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Thread: Bitme, Bitmetv, Desitorrents, Extremebits

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    Hey everyone

    As the title says i've got account
    Bitmetv account
    Desitorrents account
    Extremebits account

    Now, i only seek SCT, TB, U***

    So pm me if u r interested

    p.s: i can give the Desitorrents & extremebits 4 "iplay or datamoon"
    and there's always the option of taking them all if the other trader wants for SCT or TB or U***
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    berserk1980's Avatar BERSERK BT Rep: +4
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    Jan 2006
    dun be angry , sad but true:
    sometimes , what you got is free for nice ppl here.

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    No problem, but i only need those

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    can u give me an invite for Bitmetv ... pls

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    Hey guys

    I never said i have bitmetv invite
    I said one unused account

    But i need sth real good 4 it like SCT or U***

    same thing with bitme

    but if u need Desitorrents or Extremebits i cant ask u 4 that of course, so we'll negotiate, sth like "iplay" or "oink"

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    ok i have 5mbps broadband account ..... now am i worthy of that account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by berserk1980 View Post
    dun be angry , sad but true:
    No, ScT > TB > U*-*.

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    how about giving SCT invite for freee ......


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