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Thread: Help With Utorrent Settings Just Got 2MB Broadband

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    Hi there,

    I use to have 1MB broadband and my settings were 120Kbps download rate and 10kbps Upload, what should i turn the figures into now with my 2MB broadband???? cause im not getting full speeds!! ive also used the patch to set my net max half open to 80 and im still getting same speeds as before.

    PS. can you also reccommend me what kind of settings you would prefer??

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    Just checked it and i have already setted mine to those settings can you give me your oppinion please???? please check 1st post for details!!!


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    Your settings depend on your ACTUAL speeds, not the actual speeds of aussienaterror nor what your ISP tells you.
    You have to get your actual up and down speeds by using the link in said thread. Don't go to the end of the thread, start at the top.
    What's your client? What O.S., Firewall, AV, router?
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    Your ussually better off sticking the download rate to be higher than what you anticipate your actual dl speed to be. The Upload speed should be set to approx 80% of your total outgoing to insure good speed downloading and seeding back.

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    to get the max download speed in utorrent i set the upload to 80% and the DL to unlimited.

    if your still getting a slow speed - leave the speed in utorrent main settings how i just said and then click the properties tab of the torrent youre downloading & set the upload speed of 5kB/s up. this makes the torrent fly really fast if your on a good tracker.

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