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Thread: which card is better?

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    First of all, note that the X1600 card may or may not be an AGP card, the specification says it is PCI-E x16, but the part number refers to the AGP card. Take care.

    I'll assume that you don't want a 15pin HD vga port, otherwise you would have to rule out the XFX card. In any case, the XFX's comparatively low 533MHz clock speed will give poorer performance than the 800MHz offerings of the other 7600GS cards.

    The best of the 7600GS cards is without a doubt the BFG card. However, if you decide you only need 256MB of memory the Novatech card comes close behind in terms of performance, 400MHz core compared to 420MHz with the probability that you can OC it to the same level anyway.

    It's not as easy to compare different brands of cards, but the memory on the X1600 card only runs at 390MHz, so it is likely to have the same sort of bottleneck as the XFX product.
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