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Thread: best avi to dvd software

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    hey guys what is the best avi to dvd software? I used nero and its very slow... I used to use ConvertXtoDVD but now its not working..... Please help!!


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    try winavi

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    Suphix's Avatar . BT Rep: +1
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    Apr 2006
    winavi is good... i used to use nero... but now i have my divx dvd player i never need to convert another .AVI file its great

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    Try DVD Santa, it's slow but you'll love the results. I know I do.....

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    hey guys i am using ultra avi converter.. its awsome..... Suphix what kind of dvd player is that? I mean the brand

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    convertxtodvd, very good =)

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    Another vote for DVDsanta...very easy to use

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaviorem View Post
    convertxtodvd, very good =)
    I agree.

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    Dvd santa, click your file to convert click "make dvd" and wait thats it. Ok it aint the fastes but ive never had problems with coasters from it. It also will let you stuff more than 2 hours if you want, yeah you will lose quality but its possible.

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    DVD Santa is very good


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