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Thread: would like to check out or

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    If any one would kindly donate an invite to or I would appreciate it. dlpswds {at} gmail.

    I do not have any invites that I can trade as I do not belong to any private trackers yet other than revolutionTT and they have a 40,000 user limit with no invites.


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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    You may be lucky but people are a bit wary of handing out invites to people they've only just met on here due to a few scammers and hit & runners.

    Invites are meant to be handed to friends and trusted acquaintances anyway, so contribute a little to the forum for a while and you'll find things will happen in time.
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    give me your mail , it's the last one

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    yeah chewie I can understand why people are leary about giving invites. I figured I would give it a try though


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