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Thread: Broken video duration

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    Just started using File Sharing Revolution.. and so far I'm pretty pleased. EXCEPT:

    I've been coming across a few videos here and there that will have one length listed, but play out a much shorter length. Like the video will say 30 minutes, and be the size of a 30 minute video, but only play 1 minutes worth.

    And strangely enough, if I skip ahead in the video on the duration bar, I can see further into the movie, but if I just let it play out, it only plays 1 minutes worth. Anyone know what causes this, or how to fix/avoid it? Thanks

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    I've never heard of this File Sharing Revolution program. I did a google and the page that came up told me nothing. If I had to guess it's probably a hacked version of Kazaa, running off the same network. I'm not about to download it to find out.

    At any rate I am sure that there is much better programs you could be using. Maybe if you look around the forum you will come across something else that you like.

    As for your file,
    80% chance that the files are damaged
    15% chance that you need a codec, or update of a codec
    5% that it is the program you are trying to veiw it with

    If it is a codec problem downloading this codec pack should fix it.

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    agrees with "Broken" sounds like the kazza corruption syndrome

    quite often VLC media player will play damaged video files, but if you transcode it to dvd you will have major audio sync problems


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