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Thread: I have a question?

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    Let's just see if this works first. I just typed out a somewhat lengthy post, and lost it altogether when I tried to post it.

    (Please bear with me!)

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    Here I go again! I just spent about half an hour typing out a post, only to find out that I was not logged in. So I lost it! Let's see if it works this time?

    First of all. I am a newbie here. I stumbled on this board by Googling for "KaZaa Chat". I am having a problem that I hope I can find help correcting.

    A few days ago my Comp crashed in a big way. I knew immediately that it had crashed so bad that I was going to need to wipe out my Hard Drive and start over from scratch. Luckily, my burners were still working, so I burned as much info as I could think of onto CDs and DVDs.

    Unfortunately, my crash was so bad that I had no way of confirming what was on the discs. But I made it a point a couple of years ago to put any *.exe files into a folder named "exe files". And I made it a point to burn this folder onto as many of the discs as I could think of.

    Jumping ahead to get to my point ----->

    I got my KaZaa-Lite reinstalled. But it doesn't seem to want to connect. I have left it running all day a couple of times. But it just keeps saying, "Connecting".

    A couple of hours ago, I went into the settings on KaZaa and played around a bit. I did manage to get it to say that I was connected. But I am apparently only connected to myself. It says, "1 user on line, sharing 1 file" Can anyone please provide me with some instructions to become better connected?

    I'm not exactly "Computer Illiterate". But I guess I am much closer to that than to be thought of as someone that has a "B.A. in Computer Science". LOL!

    While I'm on the topic of tutorials. Can anyone tell me how I capture and create files to put on the system for sharing? I am a musician, and I have a fairly extensive library of some pretty obscure music that I think some people would appreciate seeing being made available for sharing.

    Thanks ahead of time!


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    "1 user on line, sharing 1 file" yep that about sums up Kazza .

    Look under filesharing for help :

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    If it's logging you out then check the 'remember me' button when you log in.

    Also if you get an error when you post just hit back and the message should still be there.

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    [quote=Karlus;1484572]Let's just see if this works first. I just typed out a somewhat lengthy post, and lost it altogether when I tried to post it.

    (Please bear with me!)[/What is ur question kid! im in class tryin to get my studying on and u just want leave me the hell alone damn!!! so what happen'in'
    wat sup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My question is, "How do I get my KaZaa to connect?"

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    There is possibly 100 things that would contribute to your Kazaa not connecting.
    First off, stop using Kazaa. If you really feel the need to connect to the Fasttrack network, use K-lite as it has a trillion less spyware and malware attempts. There is a k-lite connection fix posted on the internet that patches this problem for some people. You could still need to portforward your router. You could have a blacklisted port, and need to connect using a different port.

    It is my suggestion that you break down and force the learning curve and upgrade to a better form of p2p. Even if you connect to the Fasttrack network, anything you download is most likely going to be full of virii, or corrupted files.

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    I suggest you look up how bit-torrent works and go and download utorrent and then join some sites and if you have alot of obscure music to share then I suggest you try getting an invite to Oinks Pink Palace which is a torrent tracker specializing in music and music appz.
    Utorrent even has a search option that searchs most of the big public indexing sites like mininove and isohunt but I am not to sure how good it works since I dont use it.

    Utorrent download link->

    As for learning about Port Forwarding which is one the most commen problems you hit when trying to start to learn about p2p, then have a look at the link below and see if you can find your router on the there and then clicking on it should take you to step by step guide.

    Routers Link->
    home page->
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