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Thread: Best songs to play on an acoustic?

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    Apr 2003

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    Probably any genre except Death Metal

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Feb 2004
    Songs featuring an acoustic guitar, that I like...

    More Than Words
    Good Riddance
    There isn't a bargepole long enough for me to work on [a Sony Viao] - clocker 2008

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    Apr 2003
    i just learned Collide by Howie Day. i shall go "fishing" with this song sometime

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    cpt_azad's Avatar Colonel
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    Aug 2003
    Surrey, BC
    Circle - Slipknot <--- easiest shit ever and it sounds good, all it is is 4 chords
    Fade to Black - Metallica <--- Sounds soo damn good
    One - Metallica <--- Can't believe no one has mentioned this one yet
    Vermilion Part 2 - Slipknot <--- Not as easy as circle, but it sounds a lot better

    That Judas Priest song too, damn I can't think of right now.

    Hotel California - The Eagles
    <--- no shit eh

    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.

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    lee551's Avatar no soup for you! BT Rep: +5
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    Jan 2004
    mason williams - classical gas

    and maybe some jack johnson if you're into that type of music.........

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    I love acoustic versions - check these out!

    Oasis - Dont Go Away (excellent!) or Talk Tonght or Slide Away or Live Forever or just get the MTV unplugged album

    Athlete - Wires

    Coldplay - Shiver or The Scientist or See You Soon (very good!)

    Staind with Fred Durst - Inside/Ugly

    Greenday- Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    Sarah McLachlan - Good Enough

    Pete Doherty - Cant Stand Me Now

    The Libertines - Time For Heroes

    Metalica - One (very rare the one i had...but an ex deleted it - if u find it, let me know!)

    Richard Ashcroft - The Drugs Don't Work or Lucky Man

    Snow Patrol - Teenage Kicks or Chasing Cars

    Travis - Baby On More Time
    (yes...Britney spears, but really, check it out!)

    The Cranberries - Zombie

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    once a n00b, alwa... BT Rep: +13BT Rep +13BT Rep +13
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    Oct 2006
    zakk's acoustic version of machine gun man

    or maybe some of zeppelins acoustic stuff like tangerine, friends, babe I'm gonna leave you, over the hills and far away etc

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    Barbarossa's Avatar mostly harmless
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    Jun 2002
    Over here!
    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

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    The Best Trader BT Rep: +5
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    Sep 2005
    Coldplay- See you soon
    Coldplay- Yellow
    Coldplay- Don't Panic
    Howie Day- She Says (Intermediate)
    And your bird can sing (Advanced)-T Beatles

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