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Thread: need help please

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    hi there every1 ive got a problem here, ive been using azureus for near a year and for like a month now i cant seed i dont know why i can the odd time and it will upload like 3kb/s for like 10 mins then stops again the only thing i have changed recently is from aol to talktalk could anyone help me please

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    perhaps it would be easier to answer if you use commas and intervals between the sentences.

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    what was the point in writing a comment if you werent gonna help me

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    Try changing the ports. And also enable encryption.

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    Also make sure ur connectable on that port using the NAT checker under Tools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMC1314 View Post
    what was the point in writing a comment if you werent gonna help me
    i think he was pointing out that it was difficult to understand what u were trying to say due to the lack of punctuation. alot of ppl would read the 1st line then close the thread. in that respect i think he was helping.

    u shouldn't have switched to talktalk. aol broadband is 100% unrestricted/unthrottled. depending on the package it could also have been 100% unlimited too. talktalk has a pretty strict fair usage policy in force. enable protocol encryption, ports wont matter with talktalk. dont download/upload too much, or they will send u emails/letters warning u about ur excessive downloading/uploading. if u continue they'll restrict ur service or cancel it.

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