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Thread: Web Griffin ~ Ebook Manifest

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    Hey I need help finding an archive of ebooks for W E B Griffin. I'd like to find a source for his entire works if possible. I have a few, but not the ones I am looking for. Does anyone know of a source they can share with me?

    For people who haven't seen it-I uploaded my ebook manifest to rapidshare again. Here is the link:
    I have over 8,000 fiction ebooks. If you have emailed me for a book and you didn't get it-I apoloigize, I have been on vacation. I love to read and I enjoy sending people ebooks-Feel free to request any you like.

    send requests to:

    I usually respond within a day or two (weekdays 8am -5pm-Central time)


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    Could you please reupload your LIST.. maybe I could find what I am looking for there...

    I am now in suspense because I have been reading WEB Griffins "Brotherhood of war Series" and all I've got is from book 3-5.... after I finished reading them... I realized that I was very much interested to finish the series... \

    Could you please help me.... <<< Anyway, it's Christmas (hehehe)>>>

    Thanks in advance...


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