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Thread: bt home hub

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    hi anyone know how to configure bt home hub for e-mule? tried the one thats in the hub but my wee donkey has a mask on!

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    One minute with google found
    some usfull info buried amongst all the people complaing about BT.

    The web interface reportedly work in firefox but not in IE7

    Aparrantly the admin name of [admin] and the password of [admin] gives full access the to advanced features of the router. This may be Admin with a capital A.
    Other people say the password is blank

    Port forwarding…

    Enter the advanced menus through the “admin” ID,

    Select “application sharing” then “Create a new game or application”.

    Setup the name and ports for the P2P prog you want working (some are pre-setup but have wrong ports. you can edit these too)

    Once done, go back to the “application sharing” then select “Assign a game or application to a local network device”.

    Just select the profile from the list then click “apply”.

    I spent ages figuring this out for emule plus. works a treat now :-)

    Hope this helps Mark.
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