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Thread: Sharing a Newsgroup Connection

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    Hey guys,

    I have a question for you. I am currently a Powerusenet subscriber and I would like to share my 4 connections that i subscribed for with my brother. However we are under two different ip address' and whenever I try to dl something while my brother is in the process of dl'ing I cannot connect to my newsgroup. I get a "exceeded maximum number of connections per user" error when i connect.

    I get this error although I set both newsleecher for 2 connections and my bros grabit for 2 connections aswell. If my math it correct it should equal to 4 connections in total.

    But still we cannot download stuff at the same time, not untill one of use is finished.

    If any of you pros here know a way to work around this problem please dont hesitate to reply at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks for you time.

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    You can not download from two different ip address' at once. You are paying for one account with four connections at once. Not two accounts with two connections each.

    I am really surprized you haven't had your account disabled for sharing your service.

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    This is because powerusenet is a reseller of giganews which does not allow multiple commections. If you want to do that get a newshosting account.

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    or a usenetserver account allows this


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