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Thread: Games Wont Play

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    D/loaded iso's , burnt and installed ok , when i try to play i get the message "wrong cd inserted" and " put in the correct cd and try again" , i've d/loaded no cd cracks but they make no difference , what am i doing wrong please

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    I know this sounds like a daft question but have you copied the nocd crack into the games file, you should get a message to overwrite the old file, should work ok.

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    yes i added the no cd crack to the folder where it needed to be and i got an error message saying "couldnt find original config"

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    you could try downloading the update patch, then using the no cd crack on that.
    the update would come with a new exe file.
    remember to backup the exe file this time, you may need to use it more than once.
    hope this helps


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