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    hey i know this may sound dum to all you wiz kids out there , but i had a prob
    trying to run company of heroes and i believe as cheap as my computer is i meet the min system req. But i get an erroe message when opening the game saying ''512 mb of pysical ram is needed to run this game'' I have 512 mb of ram but im not sure what the pysical ram is all about does that mean i need to delete some things and free up some space ty

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    on something.
    It should be runnable with 512 if that's the minimum, tho' it won't be fast or pretty running minimum specs.

    But have a look at processes you have running, and your memory load, via the task manager, maybe you've got something seriously demanding eating away at your free memory.

    Physical memory means your RAM, which means that deleting stuff on your hard drive won't do a thing.
    If it had said virtual memory, it had been different.


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