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Thread: Book-slinger!

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    Yo, i got so many books lately, i dont even know what i got.

    Installed BitTorrent p2p app and downloaded a pile of books form here. File was "ebooks", that was around 2.23 Gigas of books, over 11k files.
    I also got some Audio-books, Lord of the Rings Series, some Sherlock Holmes radio-shows and maybe
    something else too, i cant really tell, been suffering bad case of download-syndrome! hd's are pretty full.

    One of these days im gonna check out whats in there and maybe add some hashes also.

    Thing is, with this much of files, wouldn't be better to share them on SoulSeek or similar where you can easily browse each others files? Im not make 14500+ hashes here thats for sure, its too much work and im too lazy.

    Im gonna make a room in SoulSeek called KLF BookWorld, install the app (version 147) and meet me there later today.
    Rules could be similar as in KLF Musicworld, share some books, and share with ppl from the forum only, by adding to the list.

    I need to run again, got some things to do, i'll be in SS today later, let say in six hours or so but atleast the Room is open.

    Any other ideas? Lets hear it then.

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    I am so sorry Slinger that I did not see this before.

    But we have it up now and things are doing ok.


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    lol thanx ill try it again it didnt work the first time


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